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Sunday, June 24, 2012

2012 High School Rankings:

Top 120 that I have seen: I put them in tiers..I guess we will see how close I was after about 4 years! 
I wrote a little report about some of the players  And I put a comparison next to their name so you get a general idea what to probably expect from them in college. No franchise players that I envision yet in class. Possible #2 best player on a team is where I started from.

1Nerlens Noel PF/C 6'10" 200- KY-M.Camby type-Best d in class! Needs more offense to his game.Trying to find a 10 foot shot would help. Decent handles.
2. Shabazz Muhammad SG 6'6" 220- UCLA-J.Harden type-Best o in class! Needs a right hand!
3. Alex Poythress SF 6'8" 215- KY-T.Toung type-Underrrated defensive player also. Wouldn't surprise me if Alex, in the long run, is the #1 player in class.

4. Archie Goodwin SG/PG 6'5" 180-KY-R.Westbrook type-Best combo in class! Speed kills! Has some PG ability!
5. Kyle Anderson SF/PG 6'8" 215-UCLA-S.Livingston type-IN CONTROL!!! 1 of the best passers in class. G8 length-timing on everything he does!
6. Steven Adams C 6'11" 235-PITT-BJ Mullens/R.Seikaly type-Very strong-hard to move! Tough kid from New Zealand.


7. Glenn Robinson SF 6'7" 192-MICH-C.Butler type-A star in transition!Alley-oops! Takes the ball to the hole hard! Improved dramatically this yr! 36 in vert. Doesn't hurt to have your dad as the "BIG DOG". 

8. Sam Dekker SF 6'8" 215- WISC-D.McDermott/C.Parsons type-Does everthing well! Handles,passing, rebounding, toughness and of course shooting!High IQ!
9. Rodney Purvis SG/PG 6'4" 190-NCST-R.Stuckey type-Attacks hole at will. Amazing transition player. Not a PG right now.May never be. Underrated on D!

10. Kaleb Tarczewski C 7'0" 252-AZ-C.Kaman type-Very skilled inside-tough kid. Got alot better the last year.G8 jump hook! 
11. Danuel House SF/SG 6'7"195-HOUSTON-M.Webster type-(top 5 athlete in class) 3 pt shot has been coming along! Has improved in 1 yr!
12. Ricardo Ledo SG 6'6"190-PROV-M.Brooks type-great range on shot. Pure scorer! Underrated passer. Needs better shot selection!
13. Yogi Ferrell PG 5'11" 165-IND-Brevin Knight type-Nice mid-range shooter and pure PG! 

14. Marcus Paige PG 6'1" 165-NC-M.Conley type-Underrated scorer! A very ready PG!
15. Winston Shepard SF 6'8" 206-SD ST-T.Ariza type-amazing in transition! Best defensive wing in class! Defended J.Parker and S.Muhammad very well.Underrated passer! Needs a better left hand. Plays at a Findlay Prep. His coach called him a 1 in a million type player.

16. JP Tokoto SF/SG 6'6" 190-NC-D.Derozan type(top 5 athlete in class)Needs more consistent shot. Look for him to make a big leap in year 2 of college.
17. Jerami Grant SF 6'8" 200-SYR-W. Johnson type-elite athlete w streaky outside shot. Used to play PF-switched easily.
18. Marcus Smart PG/SG 6'4" 220-OKST-T.Evans type-Underrated passer!! Smarticus(as Dave Telep called him) will always make the right play! The lack of elite athleticism concerns me a little.
19. Isaiah Austin PF 7'0" 215-BAYLOR-J. Henson type-Working on outside shot. Needs to add w8! Seems already to be a Perry Jones enigma:)
20. Justin Anderson SF 6'6" 220-VIRGINIA-R.Jefferson type(top 5 athlete in class)Improving 3 pt shot, jumps out of gym, g8 rebounder, needs better handles!
21. Rasheed Sulaimon SG 6'4" 180-DUKE-A.Dawkins(Duke) type-G8 3 pt shooter! Vgood on ball defense. Struggles running an offense!
22. Katin Reinhardt SG 6'4" 175-UNLV- JJ Redick type-Best natural shooter in class. Can also handle the ball and maybe run a team in a pinch like D. Lamb. Has a nice crossover and above avg vision. Needs to cut down on turnovers and work on defense!
23. Jeremy Hollowell SF 6'8" 210-IND-P.George type-elite 3pt shooter. I feel his best basketball is ahead of him. Real long! Good d. Has to be more assertive and consistent every game. 
24. Grant Jerrett PF 6'9" 210-AZ- Jason Thompson type-Solid shooter. Pick and pop type player. Long, but has to get stronger for NBA. Also, it looks like he has duck feet.
25. Tony Parker PF 6'9" 270-UCLA-R.Sidney type(sadly gained 30 lbs-was player of the yr to start jr. yr)Nice hands and soft touch out to ft line. Strong around rim but completely an under-the-rim type player. Struggled vs bigger players!!
26. Anthony Bennett PF 6'7" 230-UNLV- J.Maxiell/B.Bass type-Sf skills w PF body! Vgood athlete. Might become a stretch 4 since he is undersized.
27. Dajuan Coleman PF 6'9" 280- SYR-O.Miller type-Has to keep his w8 in check! Has some K.Love-like outlet passes! Seems to become more nimble the last 2 years or so. Now has a 15 foot shot. His court awareness also is improving. Vgood rebounder! Seems to improve every time I see him. 
28. Cameron Ridley C 6'10" 260- TEX-D.Pittman type-True center w g8 length and size. A nice hook when he has position. Not many tricks in his bag for offense. But still a load to deal with. Once he hads more to his repertoire he will be even tougher! Nice shot blocker.
29. Amile Jefferson SF 6'8" 197-DUKE-Nice size, length and an amazing feel for the game. Just knows how to get open. 1 of the ugliest shots I have ever seen since S.Marion:) Needs to add w8. Very odd player since nothing is normal for him w his game. V unique! Can't even think of a comp! G8 on defense! Also, is apparently the greatest kid!

BENCH: (Some of the players have 1 elite skill to make NBA)
30. TJ Warren SF 6'9" 230- NCST-A.Walker type-Great size for a SF! Can put ball on floor and finish w contact. Solid frame. Not v long! Not g8 at any 1 thing-just all-around. Solid offensive rebounder.
31. Gary Harris SG 6'4" 210-MICH ST-R.Brewer type-Gets right in your face on D! Very physical! Not good shooter! D alone could b in NBA.
32. Perry Ellis PF 6'8" 220- KU-stretch 4-Marcus Morris type-Has a chance because he can shoot! Sneaky athlete as well.
33. LJ Rose PG 6'3" 180-BAYLOR-Darius Morris type-(The last real PG I could see in the NBA,besides the combo guards.) A few others have a chance too.
34. Omar Calhoun SG 6'3" 170- UCONN-CJ Watson type-defense is improving..elite mid range shooter! Not very athletic, but high IQ!
35. Kris Dunn G 6'3" 180-PROV-E.Bledsoe type-excellent defense! VGood athlete. D alone could possibly get him in the NBA. But, low IQ for PG. 
36. Adam Woodbury C 7'0" 230-IOWA-M.Gasol type.(not as good) The lefty is a real efficient offensive player-never tries stuff he can't do. Back to the basket player. Solid defense. Smart player. Good outlet passer!
37. Willie Cauley-Stein C/PF 7'0" 225- KY-J.Noah(Fastest PF/C I have seen in class)Fits KY mold of speed! Long!
38. Evan Nolte SF 6'8" 200-VIRGINIA- A.Daye type-G8 range! Real long player! Skinny! Great shooter!
39. Xavier Johnson SG/SF 6'7" 205-COL.- Josh Howard type-Highly rated as fr/so..never grew again. Changed to wing player-has good down low moves still. Expanded his shooting out to the arc.
40. Ben McLemore SG 6'5" 185-KU- J.Anderson/D. Stevenson type-Redshirted. Elite athlete! Built well! Drives to the basket alot! Tries to finish w dunks!Needs jumper!! And bettr handles! 
Used to play inside when he was younger.
41. Jakarr Sampson SF 6'8" 205- ST.JOHNS-Julian Wright type-5th yr senior-real long defensive player who can handle ball well! Needs a better shot!
42. Christopher Obekpa PF 6'9" 215-ST.JOHNS-Khem Birch type-7'4" wingspan-Not much offense-coming along-Amazing shotblocker!
43. Cameron Biedscheid SF 6'7" 190-N.DAME-Very good 3pt shooter! Solid passer.Long arms! Needs more strength! Needs better defense! Too skinny, but high skill level.
44. Hanner Mosquera-Perea PF 6'8" 210-IND-K.Martin type-Elite athlete/NBA body. (top 5 athlete in class)Not much offensive game. Improving 12-15 foot shot. 
45. Jordan Adams SG/SF 6'5" 220-UCLA-Chuck Person type-A true shot maker!! Can score from everywhere! G8 range! Strong kid! But, always seems a little overweight! Needs work on conditioning! Not athletic! Decent passer/rebounder. Just a true scorer. G8 compliment for Anderson/Shabazz/Parker-spacer!!
46. Brandon Ashley PF/SF 6'8"225- AZ-Needs to become a SF to have a better chance to go pro IMO. Solid handles already. Needs better shot! Good rebounder! Long!

47. Shaq Goodwin PF 6'8" 230- MEMPHIS-Thick and strong! Good rebounder. Athletic! OK motor/shot. Don't like him as much as others. When he runs he's a little stiff. Not super fluid. But 
does have speed.
48. D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera SG 6'3" 220-GTOWN-E.Gordon type-Not a high riser! But real strong and thick w high IQ! G8 range on shot!
49. Michael Chandler PF/C 6'10" 225-Northwest Florida State(Juco) -Kurt Thomas type-Was highly rated coming out in 2011. Wasn't elgible-might not be again!
50. Semaj Christon PG 6'2" 170-XAVIER-Real athletic and fast! 5th yr sr. Turnover prone and a little weak, but immense upside! Can hit open 3's!
51. Mike Gesell PG 6'1" 185-IOWA-Steve Blake type(little stronger)Amazing passer! He is completely undervalued in this class. The reason is, he played with M.Paige and played the SG, but the reality is, he is a natural PG! Good shooter and has the floater too. IOWA got a steal!
52. Alex Murphy SF 6'8" 215-DUKE-K.Singler with better hops. From 2011 class. Redshirted. Solid upside! Can facilitate a bit. High IQ! Good athlete. Can play the 4 or 3. Will need to improve on defense and rebounding.
53. Dominic Artis PG 6'1" 175-OREGON-T.Edney type-quick player-decent shooter. Needs to make better decisions w ball. Solid scorer.
54. Joel James C 6'10" 260-NC-1st saw him 2 years ago and was out of shape big dude with some skill. Last yr, looked a little betr. Now, Saw him recently and is way more lean and mobile and has an improved shot and overall game. Improving leaps and bounds! Won't win any races, but I love the transformation he is doing w his body. NC picked up a a nice 3/4 year player w potential to play in the NBA. Lefty. HUGE hands!
55. Ricardo Gathers PF 6'6" 235-BAYLOR-D.Blair type-Improving 15 foot shot. Very strong, g8 hustle, long arms and g8 feel for the game.
56. Robert Carter PF 6'8" 245-G.TECH-Stretch 4-Not real mobile, under the rim player, solid rebounder, real nice touch on ball. Mid-range/3 pt shot. 
57. Mitch McGary PF 6'10" 250-MICH-T.Hansbrough type-tad overrated, but has a nice skill set and is very strong! Not much lift! Good rebounder!
58. Brice Johnson PF 6'9" 210-NC-Stretch 4-Skinny, struggled vs top players, but has decent length. Good shot blocker, runs floor well. Athletic!
59. Shaquille Cleare C 6'9" 285-MD-D.Caracter type-HUGE MAN! Nice hands and improving outside shot, but struggles vs true bigs! Should dominate ACC, but needs to be in better conditioning for the NBA. Below rim player.
60. AJ Hammons C 7'0" 270-PURDUE-A very good class of players Purdue got this yr and it starts w AJ. A true center that can move decently and has a nice touch. Good shot blocker! The more w8 he loses-the better player he will become!(Like J.Smith-UCLA) Also conditioning! From the great Oak Hill Academy. The wide body could be a sleeper!
61. Aaron Thomas SG 6'5" 190-FL ST-5th year senior.Real solid scorer/shooter. Kind of like M.Snaer
62. Robert Upshaw C 6'11"250-FRESNO ST-E.Dampier type-BIG BOY!! Not mobile at all! Needs better conditioning! Very slow with foot work. But, long arms, defends well, blocks shots, jump hook, passes decently. Should be a 4yr starter in college. See where he is then...
63. Gabe York SG 6'2" 170-AZ-J.Selby/W.Warren type-Not a true PG! Will have to develop that in college. Needs a left! Bad shot selection/turnovers, but amazing scorer! More of a volume shooter. But is 1 of the best scorers in class. A little 1 dimensional right now. Some nice passes, good athlete!

64. Damien Wilson SF/PG 6'5" 195-MEMPHIS-Crazy 1st step! Plays backup to T.Lewis, D. Smith-Rivera and J.Adams at Oak Hill Academy(44-0). He has potential to better then all of them. Not consistent right now-maybe due to playing time-and his shot is not ideal. But major upside for the lefty slasher!
65. Shaquille Johnson SF 6'5" 195-AUBURN-G.Green type(top 5 athlete in class)Jumps out of the gym. Developing shot, very fast! Way behind in skill set!
66. Jake Layman SF 6'8" 190-MD-Long/athletic 3pt shooter. Not strong at all. Can't create own shot! Played w NOEL. Has good upside!
67. Michael Frazier SG 6'4" 180-FL-Elite 3pt shooter! Not the greatest ball handler. Has trouble breaking down defenders, but he is improving in this area. Tries hard on the defensive end. Kind of a volume shooter but has a g8 release on his shot like B.Beal. Plays w Kasey Hill in H.S.
68. Steve Taylor SF/PF 6'7" 230-MQ-1 of those guys who can do a little of everything, but won't ever wow you. Not explosive/fast/or high riser. Has 3pt range and can also take u off the dribble and score down low. Has solid handles! 4 yr playr who needs to become more explosive. Possibly losing w8 would help. Plays C for his HS team now. Plays w Jabari Parker. Good area rebounder. Needs to have more consistent outside shot to make NBA in my opinion. D is ok. He will prob play some PF at MQ.
69. Braxton Ogbueze PG/SG 6'1" 185-FL-Real physical guard! Not a pure PG! He played the SG his 1st 2 yrs of HS and then switched to PG. His college soph yr, star PG Kasey Hill is coming so he will take a back seat to him, but it looks like he will be able to score along side him. He's a high character guy who can hit the 3pt shot. 
70. Ronnie Johnson PG 5'10" 160-PURDUE-The lefty is small but quick! A real good passer who can score. Not an elite athlete! Brother of Terone on Purdue. I wish he was 6'2"! Reminds me a little of J.Hinds(WV). True PG.
71. Jordan Price SF/PG 6'5" 215-AUBURN- Well built player who can play some PG/SG. Has to work on a more consistent outside shot. A good athlete!


72. Jay Simpson PF 6'9" 250-PURDUE-stretch 4-Has nice offensive tools. Not a high riser, but has a nice hook-left or right-and has a nice shot. Saw him hit a 3ptr. Needs to continue to improve his conditioning. Got a little tired at end of game. Nice upside.
73. Brandon Morris SF 6'8" 200-GEORGIA-Poor man's W.Shepard type-Another guy who is long and can lock you up. V.good rebounder! Doesn't have much offensive skills right now. Very athletic and helped Tony Parker's team as the glue guy. His face resembles Stacey Augmon-very funny! Needs to find some offense over the next 4 yrs and will have a chance! Played PF on HS team.
74. Landry Nnoko C 6'11" 220-CLEMSON-Very long shot blocker from Cameroon! Raw on the offensive end, but vgood athlete. High potential!
75. Martavious Newby SG 6'4" 180-OMISS-Gets to the hole at will on break. Very athletic! Not much of a shooter! Struggles in half court! Potential is there.Good body.
76. Demetris Morant PF 6'8" 205-UNLV-Solid rebounder and great shot blocker. Long arms and can finish all the easy plays around rim. But he has no skills when it comes to an offensive game. Almost no fundamentals! 4 yr player 4 sure! If he ends up w a jump shot-you never know. Won Nevada State High Jump! 

77. Patricio Garino SF 6'6" 185-GW-Can guard well! Nice mid range shooter. Very high IQ. Argentina native. A glue guy!
78. Michael Carrera PF 6'6" 180-S.CAROLINA-Venezuela native.Has that K.Faried motor. Only 6'6" 180 so struggles vs giants, but doesn't stop working!! BTW..Faried started only 6'7" 190. So you never know! 
79. Obij Aget C 7'0" 220-NEW MEXICO-Native of Sudan. Real long and lean! Good shot blocker. Can make face up shots out to 15 feet. Needs strength!
80. Rapheal Davis SF/SG 6'5" 200-PURDUE-Can do everything well, but not very athletic. Reb, handle(coast 2 coast), pass and shoot. Strong kid!
81. Jelon Hornbeak SG/PG 6'4" 185-OU-Has a good shot out to 25 ft and a nice tear drop. Nice handle-If he can switch to the PG-watch out! More comfortable with ball in his hands.
82. Georges Niang PF 6'7" 235-IOWA ST-Mr.Fundamentals! Has every down low post move in the book! Plays along side N.Noel. g8 compliment to him. But, he doesn't move very well. Everything is under the rim! Barely can jump over a phone book:)Will help on scoring immediately as a fr. Can also shoot outside shots. If he ever wants the NBA, he has to redefine his body like K.Love did. Not in g8 shape and doesn't have g8 lateral quickness. Not much upside!

Prob not NBA:

83. Chicken Knowles PF 6'9" 190-HOUSTON-stretch 4! The skinniest guy in the class! Gets pushed around so easily! No strength! Good athlete and long, but lack of strength and girth are stunning. Is a skilled player though.
84. Marcus Hunt SF/SG 6'5" 215-G.TECH-A strong versatile player. Hits 3pt shots! If he improves his handle, he can become a SG.
85. Jaron Blossomgame SF 6'7" 200-CLEMSON-Good 3pt shooter who plays alot of PF. Good athlete and vgood rebounder. High energy guy!
86. Kenny Gaines SG/PG 6'4" 190- GEORGIA-A combo guard who slithers through traffic. Very strong with potential to play the PG!
87. Melvin Johnson SG 6'3" 175-VCU-Has mad range on 3pt shot. Very confident, even if he misses 1st or 2nd he keeps shooting! Plays through contact, but needs to add more elements to his game. Ball handling/defense not great! Upside is limited IMO. When he plays vs higher BCS school type players he struggles! But-his shot is nice. 
88. James Robinson PG 6'3" 195-PITT-This strong pure PG doesn't have much speed or flash. He can shoot the 3, but basically only facilitates. Seems to try to make the right play. Won't wow you! Seems to be a college PG only.
89. Christian Sanders SG/PG 6'3" 170-STANFORD-V.good shooter. Can handle the ball.Can be the PG in a pinch. More of a SG, moves off of ball well.
90. Amedeo Della Valle PG/SG 6'5" 180-OHIO St-More of a SG, with a great shot, but can handle ball well also. Plays with the great Findlay Prep School. Native of Italy. Needs better defense! High IQ. Needs to add weight.
91. Kenny Kaminski PF 6'7" 230-MICH ST-A great shooter/pick and pop! Not great handles. Bad athlete. But high IQ. Short PF, but shoots so well and strong.
92. Javan Felix PG 5'11" 180-TEXAS-The small PG is a true PG with smart instincts! He an OK shooter with OK speed. Nice upper body and is very deceptive in his skills! 
93. Zach Peters PF 6'9" 240-KU-Complete blue collar player. High effort! V.Strong. Finishes w contact. Not athletic! Good range on shot. Good body/frame.
94. Ben Carter PF 6'8" 215-OREGON-A stretch 4 with a high IQ-Plays w Shabazz. Passes well and handles ok. Not very athletic!
95. Roscoe Allen PF 6'8" 215-STANFORD-stretch 4-good passer! Another high IQ player-also plays w Shabazz. Not very athletic!
96. Landen Lucas C/PF 6'8" 220-KU-Amazing fundamentals, but not athletic! High IQ. Dad pushes him to be good.
97. Stefan Jankovic PF-MISSOURI-stretch 4-Rihards Kuksis(ASU) type-basically an elite spot up shooter all over the court. Not very athletic. Needs better handles!
98. James Hall SF/PF 6'8" 180-HOFSTRA-Has a 7'2" wing span-plays with Kyle Anderson. Could be a late bloomer. Good Rebounder and handle. A little weak. Possible stretch 4.
99. Anthlon Bell SG 6'3" 180-ARK-Spot up shooter-50%3pt-not much else right now. Played off of J.Stokes and S.Goodwin in AAU.
100. Maurice Jeffers PF 6'8" 210-DELAWARE-Very athletic down low player. Decent upside. Natural winner. Makes winning plays!Trouble vs size!
101. Nick Banyard PF/SF 6'8" 210-N.MEXICO-Kind of a tweener right now. Has a good shot. Out to 20 feet. Moves well w out the ball. Good athlete!
102. Jeremy King PF 6'9" 210-Loyola(IL)-Long blocker-sleeper! Needs to add strength!
103. Branford Jones PG 6'2" 175-Long Beach St.-Good on ball defender! Solid offensive game. Nice upside. Athletic-needs to add strength!
104. Michael Enanga SF 6'6" Coastal Carolina-Can guard multiple postions! Good athlete!Decent footwork, but has trouble finishing vs size. Cameroon native.

Not Likely for NBA:

105. Phil Forte

 PG/SG 5'10" 175-OK ST-K.Page type-Really more of a SG. Has NBA range! Decent passing, not really athletic! Plays well off of M.Smart in HS. 
106. Matt Wilms C 6'11" 205-UTEP-Lefty has soft touch, but is extremely weak!! From Canada. Just started playing 3 years ago. Gets pushed around too easy.
107. Dillon Graham SG 6'4" 175-FL-1 of the better shooters in class. Not athletic at all. Trouble on defense. But, perfect spacer for college.
108. Madison Jones PG 6'1" 165-WF-Good slasher and is very long. Solid spot up shooter. Needs to get stronger!! Not pure PG.
109. Dominique Bull SG 6'3" 185-MISSOURI-Real strong player/scorer.Not much shooting. Just driving. Solid d! Needs to cut down tunrovers! Plays w N.Noel.
110. Clyde Smith PG/SG 6'2" 185-TCU-3pt shooter! More of a SG then PG now, but improving.
111. Justin Seymour SG 6'3" 195-UTAH-3pt shooter Not a great athlete. Trouble creating own shot!
112. Khalen Cumberlander PG/SG 6'3" 170-C.CONN ST.-Good speed and athlete for a PG-Not a pure PG-more of a SG now.
113. Joe Rahon SG/PG 6'1" 175-BC-Elite 3pt shooter with developing floor game.
114. Holt Harmon PF 6'9" 240- CORNELL-Big wide body. 3pt shooter. High IQ!
115. Kevin Larsen C 6'9" 240-GW-When he gets postion, he has a nice hook. Decent passer. Not very athletic! Struggles vs bigger players.
116. Antonio Drummond PG 5'10" 170-Wright State-small but smart PG. Solid passer! OK shooter.
117. Kamal Richards SF 6'5" 200-?-Decent 3pt shooter. Tough kid. Might not be elgible for college.
118. Cedric Blossom PF 6'6" 215-MORGAN ST.-Actually backs up Michael Carrera. Also hard worker-not as talented-mid major player.
119. Isaiah Cousins SG 6'3" 175-OU-Decent shot. Potentially good defender. Long arms.

Other top rated players that I haven't seen:
1. Devonta Pollard SF 6'7" 190-ALABAMA-T.Outlaw/CJ Leslie type
2. Montrezl Harrell PF 6'7" 225-Louisville-Was amazing during a recent AAU tourney. A fast rising player! Great rebounder!!
3. Prince Ibeh C 6'10" 225-TEXAS-7'4" wing span-shot blocker!!
4. Daniel Ochefu C 6'10" 215-VILLANOVA
5. Andrew White SF 6'6" 210-KU
6. Elijah Macon PF 6'9" 230-WV
7. Norvel Pelle PF 6'10" 220- ??-7'1" wspan- Elite shot blocker! 5th yr sr. Might not be elgible again. Highly rated in 2011.
8. Jalen Reynolds PF 6'9" 215-Xavier-7'4"wspan-5th yr sr.
9. Ryan Arcidiacono PG 6'4" 180-VILLANOVA-scoring PG
10. Montay Brandon SF 6'6" 195-FL ST.
11. Josh Scott C 6'9" 240-COL
12. Codi Miller-McIntyre PG 6'1" 185-WF
13. J-Mychal Reese PG 6'2" 170-TEX AM
14. Nick Stauskas SG 6'5" 185-MICH
15. Mike Tobey C 6'10" 210-VIRGINIA
16. Tyrone Wallace PG 6'4" 180-CAL
17. Jordan Burgess SF 6'5" 180-VCU-Reportedly better then Bradford at this stage of career.
18. Savon Goodman SF 6'6" 220-UNLV-Athletic player! Great in transition!